Amie M. Dow, DVM

Companion Animal Veterinarian

Dr. Amie M. Dow grew up in Glendale and graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Animal Science.  She earned her D.V.M. in 2007 from Iowa State University.  Upon graduation, Dr. Amie Dow returned to her home state of Arizona and is enjoying the patients and clients of PAH.  Her professional interests include dentistry, wellness medicine and quality of life. She also enjoys playing the violin, sewing, running marathons, and taking care of her young sons.

Why did I become a veterinarian?

I really appreciate the companionship my animals give me and I wanted to make sure they lived happy and healthy lives. I believe every animal deserves a good home and strive to help rescue animals. Animals are a benefit to us emotionally and physically and we should respect them in the same way. Teeth are important to me; I have a strong interest in dental care as good preventatives can do a lot for a patient.


Dr Amy Dow is outstanding! Her skilled and thoughtful examination of my dogs, along with a practical approach and down to earth friendly disposition, makes it a most pleasant experience for all of us. Thank you for your expert care and excellent support staff services. - Wayne H.