Ashley K. Joy, DVM

Companion Animal Veterinarian

Dr. Ashley K. Joy grew up in Prescott and spent several years as a member of the PAH staff before moving to attend Arizona State University, where she graduated as Magna Cum Laude and earned a BS in Agribusiness as well as a minor in art history. She then went on to the University of Florida where she graduated with her DVM in May of 2014. Dr. Joy’s professional interests include dentistry, nutrition, and exotic animal medicine. Outside of the hospital, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, being outdoors, yoga, and quilting.

Why did I become a veterinarian?

There was never any other path! Some of my first memories are of the utter joy I felt while in the presence of and interacting with animals. I have experienced mutual understanding and respect with them since before I could walk; an amazing bond that feeds my very soul. I want nothing more than to be an advocate for those who don’t have their own voice, and to help people recognize and nurture their own bonds with their animal companions.


I am so grateful to Dr. Joy for finding a cancerous tumor on my Labrador during a routine exam for his annual vaccinations. She pointed out to me why this lump was different than the typical benign fatty tumors that Labradors often have, and the test results confirmed her opinion. She was meticulous in surgically removing it and it appears that she got it all before it spread. I can't thank her enough, and her technician Sidney, for their professionalism, empathy and understanding throughout the entire process. We can enjoy our old pup for several more years now! Thank you! -Laura H.