Certified Technicians & Assistants

The clinic could not function without the work our techinicians do on a daily basis; they are the backbone of PAH.  Technicians are an integral part of the health care that all our patients receive. Most of our clients don’t realize all that our technician are capable of doing and the numerous hats they wear.  Technicians are very skilled routinely drawing blood, placing IV catheters, performing dental cleanings, monitoring anesthesia and taking radiographs.  They normally can do all these things before lunchtime, if they actually have time to take a proper lunch.  They can even handle any size or temperament of animal.

Even with all these skills, the most important part of their job is to comfort our patients and their owners.  They are so compassionate and caring and they truly show their love of all animals.  So many times they stay late to assist in an emergency surgery or just to make sure a patient is comfortable or even to answer client’s questions.