My arrival, summer of 2007

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times……I was born in the early summer of 2007. I was incredibly cute (still am) and along with my siblings we traveled around with my mom.  My mom was a beautiful queen but neglected by society, therefore our arrival was a surprise.  We were caught by some strangers and taken to a big noisy building where we were separated from our mom. There were a lot of cats of all ages and I could hear dogs barking.

We were all eventually adopted, separate from each other.  I’ll never know anyone else’s story but this is mine:

The first few years were a little tumultuous, I was indoors, then out.  I moved around a lot.  I even ended up back at the same noisy building for a time. I was a very good young feline. I really just wanted a place to call home forever.  I eventually found that for a few years. My owner loved adult cats. I was mature and got along well with her other cats.  We had indoor “trees” to climb and many toys and treats.  I assimilated into this life so well. When she brought home new family members, she was very patient, giving us time to get to know each other.  She kept our litter boxes clean and had plenty of beds scattered around windows, where we loved to hang out. We were hardly any bother and loved the warm loving friendship and bond she allowed us to create. As my person grew older she started forgetting some of our names. She would give us extra meals, unsure if we had been fed. Finally she had to make a difficult decision to rehome us for our safety. That brings us to today, where every day is a good day at Prescott Animal Hospital.  I have 20 people daily at my beck and call.  I have my teeth and coat brushed and have a special diet. Life is very very good!

Adopting a Cat

All of this reminiscing has been inspired by the many kittens I have seen come through our doors lately.  I want all of my fellow cats to find the same level of love and support I enjoy.  Adopting a cat, kitten, multiple ones, is such a great way to give back to the spirit of living!  We are low maintenance, provide comfort and warmth. We do well as only children or as a multi-generational bunch of furry fun.  Please, for me, your ambassador of good fortune, go to your local Humane Society or United Animal Friends website and find yourself a little bit of love.   You won’t be disappointed.