Spring is in full swing and with blooming flowers, comes lots of kittens! I’ve seen so many kittens coming in for checkups the last few weeks!

There are so many of us young and mature who are in need of 3 squares a day and a warm dry bed.  I was very fortunate to find my forever home!  Adopting a cat is usually in your best interest.   We are rather low maintenance, self-sufficient beings.   A litter box in a quiet area that is cleaned daily, fresh water, and if there isn’t a weight issue (mine is under control, thank you very much, I’m big boned) free feed is a definite option. With those conditions it’s a wonder anyone would live without a cat.

If you have found yourself wondering, even for a brief second, if you need a partner in crime or just a lap warmer, it is a sign from the cat gods that you should find your way to the Yavapai Humane Society or United Animal Friends and make arrangements to adopt.

Happy kitty adoption!!

Hoss the Boss