Your dog can be a hero.

  • Must weigh at least 55 lbs but 70 lbs is preferred.
  •  1-7 Years Old
  • On HeartWorm Prevention w/ a current negative heartworm test on file
  • On Flea and Tick prevention
  • Up to date on vaccines (DAPP and Rabies)
  •  Not on long term medication
  • Spayed / Neutered
  •  Has not received a previous transfusion
  • Is healthy and can sit quietly for 20-30 minutes to ensure the donation process is smooth.

Donor Evaluation


As often as every 8-12 weeks for a total of 6 times per year.

There is no charge to our pets parents, but there are many benefits to your pet including a free exam, bloodwork etc.

Yes, a dogs blood type is more varied and complicated. Potential donors are tested for the most common four types plus antibodies.