Senior Pet Care

“Love does not change, no matter how many dog years go by.” -Amanda Jones (Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then and Now) I often thumb through this book looking at the comparison of puppy and senior pictures and reading the impact these dogs have on their human’s lives. Tears come easily as I relish in the [...]

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Caring For Your Senior Pets

Probably everyone reading this has known or does know and love a “Senior Pet.” Defining what a Senior Pet is can be difficult, as it changes based on breed and body size.  For example, giant breed dogs (e.g. Great Danes) are considered Seniors by ~5 years of age.  On the flip side, smaller breed dogs [...]

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Pain Management for Small Animals

As veterinary medicine continues to advance, multiple therapies have become available for management of pain in our pets, both long and short term. Nutritional supplements, oral medications, and adjuctive therapies such as laser and acupuncture can be utilized and combined into a holistic treatment plan that works best for each pet’s individual needs. Nutritional supplements [...]

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