Hello there less than furry friends!

With the cold weather coming up I would like to just bring everyone’s attention all the outside cats that aren’t fortunate enough to have homes or, even some who like to be indoor/outdoor kitties and the famous escape kitties.  It is so warm up under the hood of cars that often times shelter and warmth is sought out there.  Please, if you would, make it a year-long to tap on your hood prior to starting your vehicle – it can potentially save lives or prevent severe injury. 

If you have neighborhood cats that you are feeding just out of the kindness of your soul, adding a little warm water to the food really helps take the chill out of their bones.  If you are also leaving water out year round for your outside cats and dogs, please remember that we drink as much during the winter as we do in the summer.  Putting warm water out daily will encourage us to drink with out feeling as though we will acquire hypothermia every time we are thirsty!

Thanks for joining me! 

Have a tremendous day of eating to your hearts content on Thanksgiving!!

Warmest regards,
Hoss The Boss