Be Prepared – Protect Your Pets

In Arizona, we may not think of natural disasters as occurring frequently.  We never see hurricanes and tornadoes, but there are other real threats to our people and pets in Arizona.  First are those Arizona wildfires, but we also see flash flooding as well as snow storms and even the possibility of human caused disaster such a multiple car pile ups and even major metropolitan train derailments.  All too often, people think it won’t happen to them, but of the events over the past years we have seen many disasters affecting our people and their pets in the Prescott area.  Remember disaster can strike – without warning – anytime, anywhere.

Preparedness is the key to a minimally stressful emergency and family evacuation.  Each family should be prepared to evacuate and leave your home for one week at an instance.  Preparedness means having an animal evacuation kit and animal evacuation plans ready to go. Your kits and plans should include:

Animal Evacuation Kit

Assemble a portable emergency kit with enough supplies to last 7 days.

It should include:

-Food and Water and the ability to store and transport them
-Food and Water bowels, which are easy to clean
-Toys and bedding to minimize stress
-Kennel or Housing appropriate for size and species
-Identification tags and microchip
-Animal First Aid kit, to include any medical needs of your pet
-Sanitation tools like bags, buckets and kitty litter

Animal Evacuation Plan

-A well-trained and socialized pet will help with stress reduction
-Knowledge of local sheltering groups or places to stay with your pet
-Phone Numbers and a professional relationship with a Veterinarian to help
-Keep all vaccinations up-to-date and paperwork retrievable in case of emergency boarding

Permanent Identification

A very common tool that is often missed is Permanent Identification.  While neck collars, harnesses, tags and even GPS tracking devices are useful.  A permanent ID is necessary if a pet is lot or becomes stressed, possibly running away during the disaster and losing their collar.
A Microchip is the only way to insure your pet can be identified and returned to you under all circumstances.  Remember – give your pet the best chance in finding their way home, Microchip them today before an emergency strikes.

Who can help?

There are many resources, but in Yavapai County the “Animal Disaster Services” are the people who will be there to help shelter your pet during an evacuation if you are unable to.  ADS is a Non-for-Profit group of volunteers who spend their time training for just such a event.

Remember the name and share this important information with your pet loving friends.
Remember disaster can strike – without warning – anytime, anywhere.



To help our community directly, consider volunteering or donating to ADS – help them prepare to help you.

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