Happy summer days!

The air conditioner is running full time these days.  I see half the PAH staff sweating and the other half with jackets on.  I understand this happens at many office environments. Personally all I need is my bed by the window and I consider myself good for the day! Our new hospital will have a much better cooling/heating system. I continue to hear conversation regarding the new building that is scheduled to be built here in the next year and a ½. More of that to be shared with you as I hear it!

Disaster Preparedness

Dr. Skinner was busy helping with the Animal Disaster Services last month when there was another local fire evacuation.  It sounds very frightening to me.  I guess we all should have some idea of what we would do in an evacuation situation. I know the PAH team has a plan for me.  Do you have a plan for your fluffy friends?   Do you have a couple pet carriers of different sizes? Having leashes in the car and maybe some collapsible water containers are a great idea. Something to drape over the carriers to make us feel a bit safer.  If you are scared imagine how we would feel.  If you have all these items set in one area it will make it much more efficient if you ever have to leave quickly.

Permanent Identification with a Microchip

Microchips are great for all pets’, even horses.  You can’t dispute a chip! Personally, I would never wear a collar. A lot of cats don’t.  If we get lost in the confusion, there’s a great chance of being reunited with our people if we are microchipped. As far as dogs go, I see collars on them all the time. But many tell me they only wear them when they go out. So in the excitement and confusion of an evacuation the collar may be forgotten. That makes it even more important to have a microchip. 

Call my people at Prescott Animal Hospital today if you don’t have your pal microchipped and make an appointment!  Let them know Hoss sent you!

Pleasant Regards!
Hoss the Boss

Hoss the Boss