What is the most important aspect of exotic pet care?

Whether you have a feathered, scaled, or furry friend sharing your home currently or are planning a new addition to your family, the most important thing to consider is the environment, feeding, and housing of your exotic pet. Animal husbandry is the art of providing the appropriate environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, sunlight, etc.), housing, social conditions, and diet for the species being cared for.

There are numerous animal species–from different types of birds and reptiles to various rodents, rabbits, and even marsupials–currently in the pet trade, all of which have different husbandry needs. Knowing what those are for your current or desired pet is extremely important for their health and longevity. For example a pet goldfish can live as long as 10 years in the correct habitat. You can’t just put it in a bowl of water and expect it to stay healthy. You need to understand how to setup the proper filtration for an aquarium and the temperature, feeding, and compatibility requirements of the fish being housed. With proper husbandry practices, goldfish are intelligent, curious pets that can learn tricks and recognize their caretakers, or at least when it is time to be fed!

Do your research before bringing any of these pets into your home. Make sure you are able to provide all the needs for your new pet so that it can live healthy and happy and provide you with a wonderful, enriching experience. The veterinarians and team at Prescott Animal Hospital can help you in this process and can point you in the right direction for the information needed to create a healthy environment.

Dr. Tami Mares-Ziehmn
Prescott Animal Hospital