Transporting your cat to the vet

Transportation tips from our resident feline professional, Hoss the Boss


Hoss here, ready to talk about transporting my fellow felines to the veterinarian, or anywhere, safely.

The dreaded carrier…

Us cats tend to be a bit smarter than our people. As sly as you think you are, we know when you are thinking of taking us somewhere. We hear you on the phone scheduling our appointment and shortly after we see our carrier come out…well those signs are all we need. We then know it is time to avoid you and hide in the perfect spot – under the bed just out of your reach.

Cats associate the carriers with travel and fear of the unknown. (We often wonder if your intentions are for our best interest.) It might help if our carrier is left out somewhere where we can get used to it. If we are able to use it for a safe place, it won’t be as frightening. I would enjoy a nice bed or blanket, but preferably one that fits well and does not slide around. (I am sure my other feline friends would agree.) What would be better than a comfortable blanket, is having my food and water near or in the carrier. As you learned from my previous blog post, I never pass up an opportunity for a snack so this means I will be seeing the carrier on a routine basis.

Driving in the car

As for driving in the car, I would like to ask you to secure all carriers. Us cats do not like to feel as though we are in one of the Fast and Furious movies (although personally I would let Michelle Rodriguez pet me)! Putting a blanket or towel over our carrier helps us to feel secure and is a nice way to ease the stress.

Entering the vet’s office

Once we arrive at the vet’s office, there are a few more requests I have to help my friends. Please keep the blanket or towel on our carriers when walking inside – what we can’t see, can’t hurt us. Also please put us on the chair next to you. (The floor puts us in possible danger of sniffing dogs and big feet!)

Keeping these few tips in mind will make the traveling journey more enjoyable and less frightening for all my friends!

Thanks for reading my blog,
Hoss the Boss