Flea and Tick Prevention – An oral prevention that lasts 3 months

Yes, 1 CHEW every 3 MONTHS- say goodbye to monthly topical applications; say goodbye to fleas and ticks!
Recently fleas in Flagstaff were found to be carrying the plague. Fleas and ticks are known to carry certain diseases that can affect both humans and animals. Prescott is not free from certain diseases and we recommend flea and tick prevention not only to protect your pets, but you and your family as well. 

Revolutionary new way of treating fleas and ticks

-Water proof
-Safe for breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs
-Wheat and gluten free

Merck offers a free email reminder service with Bravecto! Sign up for the email reminder so you do not have to remember to give the chew in three months!

Give the chew. Wait three months. Receive and email. Give the chew. Repeat.
It is that easy!