Hello Folks!  

It seems more and more often, even in our reception area, dogs are taking advantage of the freedom that the retractable leashes allow.  

While this is fun for them, it can be scary for some of the other dogs and cats to have a cold nose come up behind them.  Even scarier when they wrap themselves around someone else’s legs!  A lot of the dogs and cats that come into our office aren’t feeling up to snuff, or are just a little nervous and get defensive and a little spat (or big) will ensue.  

Unless you are at a very open area with minimal contact with other pets, use the lock and keep your pets in a controllable range to ensure the safety of all. Even out on the trails it could be hazardous to have too much freedom.  Dogs seem to like to sniff everything and getting their noses under a bush could result in encounters with snakes.  As Spring approaches it is important to remember that the Rattlesnakes will start coming out of hibernation. A Rattlesnake bite is very dangerous and potentially fatal. If your dog is bit by a Rattlesnake it is important to seek veterinary care immediately.

I don’t know about people but along with dogs, we cats don’t care for snakes too much. In fact, I witnessed a Youtube video, “Cats vs cucumbers” that some of our client service team found very funny, but I was not amused!

Well that’s it for me today, I need to start my therapy rounds for the staff!

Hoss The Boss


2017 Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

May 13th from 8-12

$60.00 – Call our office at 928-445-2190 to sign up for a specific time