Thunderstorms! I am loving the feeling of the moisture in the air.  On the other hand, the noises that come with the rain can be a little frightening.

I’ve heard from a lot of dogs that the static that comes with the storms and the noise is really difficult for them. They can feel and hear things much sooner than people can. Some dogs have shirts to wear that alleviate some of the fear by “hugging” them. Other dogs get a little pill with a treat or have some oral gel applied before the storms that ease the anxiety.  One dog actually said he self-soothes himself by going straight into the bathroom where it is dark and he climbs in the tub and feels much more secure there.  His people have been trained to keep the light off and have a radio playing to make him feel even safer.

Be Proactive

Our doctors advise being proactive during the monsoon season.   Have something on hand before my dog friends have the chance to become scared out of their skin. The pills and oral gel to help with thunderstorm anxiety are available by prescription.  Some of the pills are given a certain amount of time prior to the storm arriving, and others are given daily to relieve anxiety that is constant and worsened by storm activity.

If you or your pet suffer from storm anxiety, give us a call and we can see your pet and get some relief. As far as your anxiety take a deep breath, go out on your porch and enjoy the show.

Until later,
Hoss the Boss

Hoss the Boss