Welcome to the first “View from the Top”, a monthly blog from a certain, special staff member. Our kind typist with opposable thumbs will let him take it from here…

Let me introduce myself, I am Hoss, Prescott Animal Hospital’s Feline Extraordinaire. Prescott Animal Hospital has asked me to do a monthly blog, to inform the humans of subjects I find interesting.

To begin with, a little about myself: I am an eight year old orange tabby.  I came to PAH weighing in at a 23 pounds. I have the body of an old wrestler, large and a bit jiggly. I get a lot of exercise these days jumping up on the counters to observe the patients that come and go and running back and forth from the office to my observation perch in the window, so my physique is getting much better.

Carrying extra weight for felines who are past the age of 6 or so can cause issues with our joints, we can be more prone to become diabetes, and have poor hygiene.  My bloodwork was done, and I was within the “normal” range.  I know! It was rather surprising for an extraordinary being.  My hygiene is impeccable (my people brush my coat and my teeth on a daily basis)!

I have dropped about 3 pounds since becoming a part of the PAH family.  I eat Royal Canin Satiety diet which is allowing me to eat my smaller portion yet feel full.  I find this food quite tasty and have trained the staff to feed me at 6:30 am and 4:30 pm, with an occasional treat… what do you know? Humans CAN be taught.

Warmest Regards,